Russia trailed behind Swedes in the Four Nations

The Swedish squad ended up having won the Tournament of the Four Nations, held in Rattvik, Sweden.
The tournament that had been devised as a dry run for an upcoming World Championship was first held in 2016, with four national teams participating (Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden). That year and in 2017 Russians happened to win this exquisite team showdown, but slipped up this time around. After having completed two rounds, three teams, Russia, Finland and Sweden got two wins each. The Finns sensationally took an upper hand over the Swedish team (5-4), while Russians couldn't get over the latter to lose 8-5. In this situation a goal differentiation became a decisive factor. The Russian team, led by a SKA coach Mikhail Yuriev, were to have scored six goals more than their opponents in the game against Finland to win the tournament. Alas, that was much for them to swallow, although our team was three goals up in the end, 8-5, it wasn't enough due to the earlier loss to their Swedish counterparts. Seven players represented our hometown team. Erik Pettersson became a top scorer of the tournament (nine goals altogether). The rest of the gang were: Denis Rysev in the net, Yuriy Vikulin and Valeriy Ivkin in defence, midfielders: Maksim Ishkeldin, Alan Jusoev and Yanis Befus.
Now, that all of the national teams are taking a little break to get back to their home championships, we are all looking forward to the main event of the season, that will take place from January 22 through February 2 in Sweden, that is when the Worlds of 2019 will be held.

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