Three time's a charm

SKA-Neftyanik took down Dynamo Moscow in an extraordinary close game to win the Russian National Bandy Cup for the third time in a row. It has been the seventh Cup in the entire history of the club.
Number 3 has become very significant for our team recently in many occasions. Apart from other threes, the fact that Syktyvkar was hosting SKA to challenge the 2018 Cup again this year, guess what?, for the third time in a row, was the sign of the things to come. Third time is a charm proved to be working out just fine with SKA.
Weather changed for the worse right before the commencement of the final game. Snow flurried, clouds gathered, all that made both teams edit their plans of the game. They gave up on playing low surface passes and opted for volleys. Both teams were not trying to jell, they took to the action right away. SKA was the first to score in the early going. Denis Lapshin's shot found twine after a nifty corner shot realization. However, before too long Fillipov from Dynamo nicely performed a penalty shot to equalize, 1-1. Artyom Bondarenko managed to reinstate one goal lead after yet another wonderful corner shot standard.  SKA had a couple of sure chances to score, but failed to follow up on their success.
In the second half all of the 700 fans in attendance  (what a humiliation for the national pride game) enjoyed watching a single scoring by Alan Jusoev. The efforts undertaken by Dynamo to come back were warded off by a tremendous
execution in a D-zone by SKA, 3-1 in the end and the National Cup goes to our hometown team !

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