No mercy for the league rookies

Our hometown team blanked the Super League newbie from Murmansk in the last game of the first homestand of the season, 13 - 0. Due to the busy schedule, caused by the impending Russian Cup finals, the game was played a day earlier, so that the SKA players won't be late for this big event to take on Vodnik from Arkhangelsk in a semifinal game. Both teams were pressed for time, especially the Murman players; they obviously didn't have enough time to get their bearings and restore physical potency after a difficult game in Krasnoyarsk and a flight over East Siberia to our hometown. No shit! Nobody expected them to show adequate resistance, but sometimes their performance looked very solid, not to mention they did have chances to find a way to the net. Victor Kamenev, after spending some time on the roster due to his injury, found himself between the pipes with no goals allowed throughout the game. A young player Artyom Burasov made his debut for SKA. By the 24th minute into the game the scoreboard was showing 7-0 in the host's favor. Some thought SKA were up for another all time scoring record, but Murman, somehow, learned how to efficiently fend off those multiple attacks. Among the team top scorers there was a tight competition, that ended up with five goals by Artyom Bondarenko and two hatties by Erik Pettersson and Pavel Ryazantsev. SKA defence did a great job to smother the Murman attacks and now the team is back to the top position in the current standings.

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