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A few people expected it coming, but it did happen. SKA cut short their phenomenal record of 43 consecutive wins on their home ice, having failed to gain an upper hand in an incredible match-up against Dynamo Moscow. This fiery and passionate game ended up in a 4-4 draw.
On the eve of 101st match-up between traditional rivals of the National Super League, bookies had calculated the incredible odds, apparently, having been impressed by a two-digit loss of Dynamo in the previous game(7-12), inflicted by their opponents from Krasnoyarsk.Their prediction went out in the shape of a decisive win of the hosting team. Some experts, however, were not that self-assured in their estimates and gave credit to a young and bold team from Moscow. Not many expected that the rivalry would endow us with fantastic high vibe drama to exceed intensity of the SKA vs Yenisey game.
All throughout the match Dynamo were highly motivated, moved fast, showed deft  team coordination, constantly penetrating SKA defensive ranks and each time threatening to find the back of the net. That all took our hometown team by surprise. Dynamo scoring first, added fuel to the fire and changed the pre-game plans, that had been devised by a SKA coaching brain trust. Our hometown team didn't get much out of the chances they created. Out of luck and off target. All of the corner shot standards went far off the mark. Erik Pettersson couldn't score for the first time this season.
It was by the midway into the second half-time, when SKA players grabbed the momentum and the scoreboard at the Yerofey Arena was showing 1-3 in Dynamo favor, a quite unusual circumstance. Give them their due, SKA managed to turn the tide, had a strong net drive and had it tied up. Bondarenko and Ryazancev scored a piece within a six minute stretch past the delightfully playing Andrey Rein to even things up. Seemed, that Khabarovsk finally could stay on top of things, but Evgeniy Fillipov from Dynamo thought otherwise, having found a seam among SKA defence and fired a blistering shot to have a one goal advantage. Fortunately, lady luck was on the SKA side once again, given them another chance to equalize. Despite of the aggressive attacks our team couldn't break through to get the next win and lost two points. It was a 4-4 battling draw.

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