With flying colors in everything they do!

SKA have been going on a tear and out for crushing their opponents. This time around it happened to be Dynamo from Kazan. A team from Tatarstan had their last win over our hometown team six years ago (3 - 1), when the Kazan players took bronze medals in the championship of 2012-2013. Their luck has been rotten since then: in all five road games in Khabarovsk they suffered catastrophic setbacks.
In the light of positive changes on the team roster, having a new head coach and their flying start of the season, it added some intrigue to the game.Yet, there's a number of former SKA  players are defending Dynamo's colors this year, athletes like Viktor Yashin, Mikhail Tyuko, Maksim Ryazanov. However, what happened on ice last night didn't leave much hope for Kazan team to get back to the limo league before too long.
Although, SKA rode yet another strong start to victory, their opponents were doing their best to be on a par with a Russian National champion, at least for a chunk of time in the early going, but as the game progressed the entire arena saw it was coming. SKA didn't seem to indulge themselves in playing at full throttle, switching gears randomly, but it was more than enough for them to score four unanswered goals. Maksim Ishkeldin wired a shot passed the Dynamo's goalie for the hundredth time in his SKA career. None could even predict there and then, that our team will get their opponents' doors blown off in the second half. The result was discouraging, SKA grabbed the momentum and scored seven times. Our younger netminder Victor Kamenev, who replaced an experienced Denis Rysev in the net, wasn't able to keep the doors barred and let one in. Although, he is still well affected by the recent injury, his performance is vividly improving. The last goal of the match was chipped in by a nineteen year-old  AlekseyTorgonskiy, his first ever in the majors! 
All props to this sixth consecutive win(11-1), SKA is back to the very top in the current standings with still one game in hand. The next team on the waiting list is another Dynamo team. This time SKA is hosting the most titled bandy club in the Russian history - Dynamo Moscow. 
translated by Siberian Khatru
stacy henry
(2018-11-25 07:00:26)
hi at ska I wish you to take another gold

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